United States·March 29 - April 5 2024

Back in Time

The Ultimate Package



Join our exclusive club for the ultimate "Back in Time" adventure. Experience baseball's rich history while indulging in luxury and opulence. Explore iconic stadiums, and enjoy Five Star accommodations, fine dining, and VIP treatment. Customize your trip with thrilling excursions. This package is exclusively for club members. Inquire about membership to unlock unparalleled adventures. Embrace the nostalgia of baseball and the luxury of a lifetime.


Six to eight months in advance, if possible. A minimum of 4 months required.  We suggest getting started as soon as you have a destination or event in mind — we can help sort out the details. Event tickets, the best hotels, and reservations at popular restaurants always sell out or book up quickly when a high-profile event is in town.

No.  Our working relationship/partnership will be able to provide us with all the necessary resources to accommodate your plans.

You are welcome to share with us your status with any of the leagues, stadiums. teams, and venues.

Pricing varies greatly across all venues in MLB suites starting from as low as $1,550 to $10,000+.

Luxury suites provide all the traditional experiences of a game, while adding an extra sense of comfort and exclusivity for guests. Suites provide upscale food and beverage menus, as well as exclusive technology touches to follow the game or conduct business meetings.

All leagues and venues in MLB suites vary in what they offer.  Each suite is unique, here are a few things you can expect (depending on the venue):

  • Great views of the field
  • Game tickets
  • Parking passes (usually a low count)
  • Food and drink menu
  • HD TV(s) 
  • Other technologies for conducting meetings
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating
  • Kitchenette w/refrigerator, sink, base cabinetry, upper display shelves, and plenty of counter space for food display
  • Tables, chairs, & high tops
  • Private/VIP entrance
  • Private restrooms
  • Suite attendant

We'll custom your package exclusively to you.

Not always.  Every team and venue varies with what they offer in their pricing.  We will curate the best experience for you with the stadiums.

Add Ons offer you the opportunity to add additional services we can provide to you.  Opulent Lifestyle sell experiences with the packages on this site and want you to know some of the things we are able to do for you, at a glance.  Every package is curated with the traveler in mind...unique to YOU.

In a post pandemic world, travel has changed. We highly recommend travel insurance. After your initial deposit has been created we will provide you with recommendations on coverage options. 

Cancellation costs vary so will always recommend a policy that includes the ability to cancel for any reason.

All our packages are customized to each traveler's unique experience.  With the members ONLY packages, our members benefit from a ultimate level of experience through our services.  

We provide life changing situations that money can't always buy. Plus you'll have access to all benefits and perks that come with your membership.

Back in Time

United States· March 29 - April 5 2024· 7 nights