Ethereal Nuptials in Kyoto

Whispers of Romance in Kyoto's Embrace



Kyoto, Japan, renowned as the "City of Ten Thousand Shrines," offers a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a culturally rich wedding experience. With its historic temples, traditional tea houses, and ancient Shinto shrines set against lush mountains and serene gardens, Kyoto provides a romantic backdrop for couples to exchange vows. The city accommodates various wedding styles, from traditional Shinto ceremonies to modern celebrations in luxurious resorts. Beyond the ceremony, Kyoto's cherry blossom-lined streets, bamboo forests, and historic landmarks promise an enchanting setting for pre- and post-wedding festivities. A wedding in Kyoto is not just a celebration of love but an immersive journey into the heart of Japanese culture, offering couples and their guests an unforgettable beginning to their lifelong adventure.


Charter a private Jet to Japan

Charter a private Jet to Japan

For a seamless and luxurious travel experience tailored to your needs. Enjoy personalized itineraries, flexible departure times, gourmet catering, and dedicated flight attendants, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable journey.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Opulent Weddings brings a touch of luxury to your special day. With a keen eye for detail and an unmatched commitment to excellence, their professional team curates unforgettable weddings, infusing each moment with sophistication and grace. From exquisite venue selection to seamless event coordination, Opulent Weddings offers a bespoke experience tailored to your unique vision. Let their expertise transform your dream wedding into a breathtaking reality amidst the picturesque charm of your chosen location.



Facilitate additional transportation options for your guests throughout the week, ensuring convenient and seamless travel experiences during their stay. Whether it's arranging private car services, coordinating rental vehicles, or providing access to local transportation networks, offering diverse transportation solutions can enhance the overall convenience and comfort of your guests' visit.

Wellbeing Programme

Wellbeing Programme

The mineral-rich water near Aman Kyoto is integral to the philosophy of the Aman Spa. Traditional onsen bathing facilities offer pure relaxation and healing. A variety of treatments utilize Japan’s abundant natural resources, including Kyoto green tea, tamba kuromame black beans, local sake, and cold-pressed camellia oil.

Elevate Your Well-Being for the Big Day

Elevate Your Well-Being for the Big Day

A holistic wellness journey in preparation for your destination wedding day with our exclusive travel package, including a dedicated wellness coach. Our 12-month program ensures you radiate health and vitality as you approach your special day. The wellness coach, experienced in destination wedding readiness, guides you through personalized plans covering nutrition, fitness, stress management, and more. Elevate your well-being and bridal glow with this unique and comprehensive experience tailored to make your destination wedding day truly extraordinary.

Elevate Your Travel Experience with Exclusive In-Home IV Infusion Services

Elevate Your Travel Experience with Exclusive In-Home IV Infusion Services

Experience the epitome of luxury travel with our in-home IV infusion services. This exclusive option allows you to receive intravenous treatments in the opulence of your accommodations, providing the utmost convenience, comfort, and personalized care. In-home IV infusions cater to various needs such as hydration, vitamin supplementation, chronic illness management, and post-surgery recovery. Delivered by qualified healthcare professionals, these infusions prioritize your well-being. As technology and healthcare practices progress, in-home IV infusions are set to flourish as a premium, patient-centric healthcare choice. Elevate your journey by engaging our esteemed global partners, ensuring a seamless and bespoke healthcare experience tailored to your unique preferences.

Dine in Elegance

Dine in Elegance

Experience the Artistry of Japanese Hospitality at Taka-An and the Living Pavilion, Aman Kyoto. Tantalize your taste buds with an exquisite omakase menu at Taka-An or indulge in the seasonal and ever-changing Kyoto cuisine at the Living Pavilion. Enhance your afternoon with over 20 varieties of tea, complemented by a delightful spread of sweet and savory treats, blending the best of Japanese and Western confectionaries.

Kyoto's Temples

Kyoto's Temples

Kinkaku-ji – The Temple of the Golden Pavilion: Located within walking distance of Aman Kyoto, this extraordinary Zen Buddhist temple is adorned with gold leaf and situated alongside a tranquil lake and garden. Recognized as one of Japan’s most sought-after UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it boasts a captivating history dating back to 1397. Koetsu-ji Temple: Celebrated for its exquisite garden adorned with maple trees, Koetsu-ji Temple is dedicated to Honami Koetsu, a master calligrapher, ceramic artist, and founder of the Rinpa School of painting. Initially intended as a mausoleum for the Honami family, the temple underwent conversion into a Nichiren Temple in 1656 following Koetsu’s passing. Genko-an Temple: Famous for its two 'windows of realization,' one round and one square, the garden at Genko-an Temple offers the finest views in Kyoto. This small Zen Buddhist temple is also distinguished for its ceiling, crafted from wood reclaimed from Fushimi Castle in the 16th century.

Uji Tea Experience

Uji Tea Experience

Nearby Uji boasts an optimal climate for tea cultivation, characterized by river fog and temperate weather, making it a premier tea production area in Japan. Guests are welcomed to explore a distinguished tea plantation renowned for its cultivation of the finest Uji tea. Here, tea has been meticulously hand-picked for six generations, and visitors can delve into the Honzu cultivation method, a tradition upheld in Uji for over 400 years. After the enlightening plantation tour, indulge in a sensory journey with an Uji tea tasting, providing a profound exploration into the distinctive cultivation practices of the region.

Private Outdoor Painting Lesson Amidst Nature's Symphony

Private Outdoor Painting Lesson Amidst Nature's Symphony

Embark on a creative journey with a local artist in the serene ambiance of a forest glade, where birdsong and babbling streams provide the soundtrack. Discover the time-honored technique of pattern dyeing, traditionally employed for adorning kimonos, and draw inspiration from the beauty of nature as you craft postcards for cherished loved ones.

Discover Aman Kyoto's Hidden Garden

Discover Aman Kyoto's Hidden Garden

During the early Edo period, the Takagamine area in Kyoto was home to Hon'ami Koetsu, a prominent Japanese craftsman and calligrapher. Spanning from 1558 to 1637, Koetsu's influential work transformed the region into a significant hub for arts and culture, culminating in the establishment of an Art Village in Takagamine in 1615. Presently, this historical site is home to Aman Kyoto's secret gardens, offering a journey through the area's rich legacy and connecting guests to nature and the spirit of the past. Encompassing 32 hectares, the garden comes alive in the summer with vibrant displays of Japanese maples, Kitayama cedars, and an array of blossoms, including azaleas, peonies, hydrangeas, and irises, all waiting to be explored.

Cultural Journeys

Cultural Journeys

Engage in Meditation with Zen Buddhist Monks: Set in an ancient hall overlooking a picturesque Japanese garden, Aman Kyoto invites guests to immerse themselves in the principles of Zen meditation guided by a local monk. This experience provides a meaningful and light-hearted approach, allowing participants to find a sense of calm through an engaging process. Journey into the Past: Kamishichiken stands as the oldest among Kyoto's hanamachi, the 'flower towns' of the geikos (Kyoto's term for geisha). With a personal invitation, Aman Kyoto guests can explore an ancient ochaya (tea house), spending an afternoon and evening with a geiko or a maiko apprentice. This unique encounter includes playing ozashiki, sipping tea, and enjoying a dance performance. Experience the Mindful Art of Ikebana: In Japan, the practice of flower arrangement is both a form of moving meditation and an aesthetic art. Aman guests are welcomed to partake in the mindful art of Ikebana, spending time with an expert to transform seasonal flowers into structurally magnificent arrangements of color and form. For those intrigued by another facet of Japanese botanical art, Aman Kyoto's gardeners can provide guidance in the discipline of miniature garden design.

Ink Painting Experience at a Private Zen Temple

Ink Painting Experience at a Private Zen Temple

Known as sumi-e in Japanese, ink painting is an oriental art method established during the Tang Dynasty in China and introduced to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in the Kamakura period. Offering an exclusive experience at Aman Kyoto, this opportunity invites guests to immerse themselves in the silent ambiance of a private temple while learning the art of ink painting. Using solely black ink and water, participants will explore the expression of 'five colors' through techniques such as shading and blurring. Guided by a temple priest, each brushstroke conveys varying textures, leaving the mind in a state of peace and refreshment. Following the session, guests can engage in a discussion about this art form while enjoying a revitalizing cup of Chinese tea.

Exploring the Ancient City by Bicycle

Exploring the Ancient City by Bicycle

A cycling adventure through the historic city when you stay at Aman Kyoto. Begin your journey from the enchanting Aman Kyoto secret garden, pedal your way through temples and shrines, and uncover the city's ancient secrets at your own leisurely pace. Complimentary bicycles are provided to all guests, with the Aman Kyoto team suggesting off-the-beaten-track routes for an authentic and immersive experience.

Festive Season

Festive Season

With frost glistening on the forest floor and onsen steam lending a mystical allure to the enchanting woodland setting of Aman Kyoto, it's challenging to envision a more magical winter wonderland to celebrate the festive season. This year, the team at Aman Kyoto has meticulously crafted a seasonal program inspired by the beauty of nature and the inherent tranquility found in Aman destinations worldwide. Extraordinary culinary events await, ranging from an exquisite Snow Crab Kaiseki course evening to a menu featuring the finest Kyoto Hirai beef on New Year's Eve. In keeping with tradition, New Year's Day promises a symbolic experience, complete with a Shishimai lion dance, a mochitsuki rice-pounding ceremony, and an Osechi breakfast at Taka-An.

Host a Birkin Party

Host a Birkin Party

Explore the exclusive world of the coveted Birkin bag with our curated selection of luxury pieces, from pristine editions to rare collectibles. Elevate your collection and host a private curated event at our estates, embracing the essence of luxury and exclusivity.

Rare Automotive Treasures: Unveiling the Exclusivity and Elegance

Rare Automotive Treasures: Unveiling the Exclusivity and Elegance

Uncover the unmatched allure of rare automobiles that captivate collectors globally. Whether derived from limited production, historical significance, or unique design, these elusive vehicles frequently fetch significant prices at auctions or within private networks. Committed collectors leave no avenue unexplored in their quest for these exceptionally scarce cars. Benefit from our enduring, discreet partnerships with European associates, offering exclusive entry to private garages housing some of the world's rarest automobiles. Explore our concierge services for acquiring top-of-the-line luxury modern hypercars and classic vehicles.


Experience the epitome of luxury with Opulent Lifestyle and Opulent Weddings, where we seamlessly blend opulence into your wedding destination package for your special occasion. Our white glove service ensures a stress-free experience, managing all travel accommodations with the expertise of our dedicated concierge team. Paired with our world-class sister company, Opulent Weddings, we provide a comprehensive wedding planning service, allowing you to do nothing but show up – everything is meticulously handled by our team of experts. Relax, enjoy your day, and every moment with your loved ones while we ensure everything runs seamlessly. Come and say 'I do' with confidence.

Opulent Lifestyle Club

Opulent Lifestyle Club

Welcome to Opulent Lifestyle Club, where luxury meets convenience. Elevate your experiences with our exclusive membership, offering white-glove services and curated benefits. From bespoke travel accommodations managed by our concierge team to seamless event planning by our experts, we ensure you enjoy the opulent life effortlessly. Join us in crafting unforgettable moments and making every occasion extraordinary. 

Opulent Weddings and Events

Opulent Weddings and Events

Opulent Weddings transforms dreams into reality, offering a world-class wedding planning experience. Our expert team orchestrates every detail, ensuring your special day is nothing short of perfection. From venue selection to personalized touches, we bring opulence and precision to create a wedding day that reflects your unique love story. 







Book trip in 12-months +

Make sure to book your trip as far in advance as possible.  Allow for 9 months or more for the best outcome of your special day. 



The Planning Begins!

Our team will follow up for further details.  We will set up an introduction with our sister company, Opulent Weddings, for your plans, logistics, and details with you and your guests. 

Over the next 9-12 months, your wedding will be planned. 


Wedding Planner and Team

Wedding Logistics

Budget Management

Vendor/Venue Selecting and Negotiations

Guests Hotel Room Block

Vendor Management

Coordinating Group Activities & Excursions

Innovative Design Concepts

Free Itinerary App

Not Included

Wedding Team Travel & Accommodations

Rental Items



Wellness Journey: Preparing for Your Wedding Day

Unlock your potential! Achieve your goals with the support of David Guzzone, a health & wellness coach armed with a comprehensive habits of health system. Benefit from personalized coaching and a structured meal plan for healthy weight management, improved sleep, and increased energy. No exercise or pills required – just simple, clean nutrition. David will inspire and motivate you on this journey, connecting you with a supportive community. Take the first step toward lifelong transformation. 


Wellness Coach

Nutrition Diet Plan


Supportive Community





You and your guests are arriving days in advance.  This package is a minimum 8-day trip; depending on your wedding day, you can run through a few last-minute details, relax & pamper yourself, and enjoy your guests' days before your big day! 



Prep Time

2-3 Days before your wedding day will be prep time to set up for your special day and connect with the vendors.

Have a fun time doing excursions or activities with some of your guests.

All accommodations are checked for your family and guests (including transportation).  Warm welcome cocktails & packets as they arrive.

You and every guest will receive a personalized itinerary during your stay. This will provide all details of each guest's activities/excursions they signed up for prior, hotel details, contact information for the planner and team, any planned group activities, weather, and helpful tips or information about the area.



The Day Before

Rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and plenty of FUN! 


Rehearsal Dinner Planning



Wedding Day Ceremony and Reception!

This is YOUR DAY! 




Extend your stay see and do everything you've hoped to experience or just relax and enjoy your honeymoon! 

Guests may want to turn this into a vacation as well. Plan for an extended stay in advance. 

What's Included

What's Included

Wedding Planning Services

Honeymoon Planning Services

Manage Group Activities/Excursions

Bridal Couple Airport Transportation

Innovative & Design Concepts

Rehearsal Dinner Plans

Charter and Commercial Flight Booking Services

Group Hotel Block of Rooms

Free Customized Itinerary App

Resort: Daily Western or Japanese full Breakfast served

Resort: Daily Japanese style afternoon tea "Kanmi" w/Japanese tea selection

Resort: Access to hot-spring onsen bathing facilities

Resort: Evening aperitif w/complimentary beer, wine, champagne, and more, accompanied by small snacks

Resort: Guided tour of Secret Garden

Resort: Complimentary soft drink selection throughout the day

Activities/Excursion Costs

Commercial Tickets

Event Rentals

Wedding Team Accommodations and Travels

Private Jet Costs

Honeymoon Package and Accommodations


Elope Wedding Package

Elope Wedding Package

Elope into Kyoto's Silent Symphony of Love. Wedding planner included. Accommodating bridal couple, minimum of 3-night required. Customized Itinerary app.


10 ppl - Wedding Package

10 ppl - Wedding Package

Wedding planner included. Accommodating bridal couple and up to 8 guests, minimum of 6-night required. Customized Itinerary app.


30 ppl - Wedding Package

30 ppl - Wedding Package

Wedding planner included. Accommodating bridal couple and up to 28 guests, minimum of 6-night required. Customized Itinerary app.


50 ppl - Wedding Package

50 ppl - Wedding Package

Wedding planner included. Accommodating bridal couple and 48 guests, minimum of 7-night required. Customized Itinerary app.


Cultural Wedding Experience in a Secret Garden

Whispering Vows in Nature's Embrace – Where Culture and Romance Unite

Nestled in the heart of a serene forest, Aman Kyoto provides an enchanting setting for a cultural wedding experience. Just a stone's throw away from Kyoto's iconic Kinkaku-ji Temple and 16 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the resort offers a secluded world apart. Light-filled suites and pavilions are gracefully set in tranquil glades, while the steaming private onsen at the Aman Spa adds a touch of healing and tranquility to this unique wedding celebration. 

Cultural Wedding Experience in a Secret Garden
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You'll Be Staying Here

Aman Kyoto

Aman Kyoto

Aman Kyoto’s Rooms and Pavilions pay modern tribute to the traditional Japanese Ryokan inn, characterized by striking minimalism in their geometric design. Serving as windows onto their breathtaking natural surroundings, these spaces seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with the tranquility of their historic forested gardens. Interiors are generously spacious and bathed in natural light, creating an environment where each room harmoniously coexists and breathes with the serene landscape, imparting a profound sense of calm. 


This is a wedding package; we strongly encourage no less than nine to twelve months in advance; more is best. 

We suggest getting started as soon as you have a date in mind — we can help sort out the details.  You'll want to ensure availability for all your guests with the selected resort (if necessary). 

You will be provided with the following;

  • Wedding Planning Services
    • Wedding Logistics
    • Decor and Design services
    • Coordinating Rehearsal & Dinner
    • Managing Housing List
    • Coordinating group activities/excursions
    • Coordinating airport ground transportation
    • Guests Departures/Arrivals
    • Assist with managing the event budget
  • Private Estate Management for Bridal Couple and Immediate Guests
  • Reception Catering
  • Airport Transportation for Guest (round trip)
  • Airport Transportation for Bridal Couple (round trip)

Airport transportation will include a combination of the following (depending on your group size);

  • Motorcoach bus
  • Minibus/Sprinter
  • SUVs

Catering cost ranges depending on venue and destination. *your planner will go over this with you.

We customize the trip for YOU from start to finish. Opulent Lifestyle will assist you with arranging any additional activities or services to make your experience memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

*Minimum night requirements apply for this package.

**Any extended stays (honeymoon or vacation) outside your package must be coordinated separately.


Once your trip is booked, you will receive an email from your planner to set up a consultation call with you. The planner will coordinate with local Resort/Hotel for all the details around your wedding. 

The highlights showcase various features available to you, either included or for an additional cost. Please note that not all items are automatically included in your package. We recommend reviewing the "What's Included" and "What's Not Included" sections for detailed information. These sections outline everything included in your package, from wedding planning and travel services to the specific inclusions within any private estates leased by us. 

Our team of experts will assist you throughout the entire planning process. We possess comprehensive knowledge of all our partners, including the private estates, understanding both what they can offer and any restrictions in place.   

You and your guest will be allowed to check-in for activities for this trip from the time of purchase up to 2 months before departure.  The check-in phase will ask a series of essential questions to everyone, along with allowing each person to select any of the activities/excursions for independent interest or small groups. 

We suggest coordinating with your planner for any group activities you wish to host; they will manage your logistics.   

By everyone selecting in advance what activities or excursions interest them, a list will be generated and provided to all the sources for proper booking. Your planner will oversee this for your group but is only responsible for coordinating the whole group's activities.

Each guest will be instructed to download our free app to view their itinerary and receive updates at all times about;

  • Overview of your wedding details
  • Hotel Information
  • Transportation
  • Their activities/excursions
  • Group activities
  • Planner contact info/communication
  • Map/Directions
  • Includes both offline and online navigation

We can help arrange charter flights for private jets, or if you prefer, your planner can assist with coordinating commercial flights for your convenience. It's important to note that the flights are not included in the pricing; however, the services to assist you with the arrangements are included. 

In a post-pandemic world, travel has changed. We highly recommend travel and wedding insurance. After your initial deposit has been created, we will provide you with recommendations on coverage options. 

Opulent Lifestyle reserves the right to substitute similar services, accommodations, or amenities in the rare event that they become unavailable. This may occur due to circumstances beyond our control or if there was an error in the price, service, or amenity shown or quoted. Rest assured, we will make every effort to provide alternatives of comparable quality to ensure your experience remains exceptional. If you have any concerns or specific inquiries about substitutions, our dedicated team is here to assist you. 

Ethereal Nuptials in Kyoto